How Can I Prevent Back Injuries?

Prevent back injuries by maintaining the inward curve of your low back. Your spine has a series of natural curves to it. It bends inwards at your neck (lordosis), outwards at your mid-back (kyphosis) and inwards at your low back (lordosis). These curves help to distribute forces from movement and gravity.

The spinal bones are called vertebrae and the joints between the spinal bones can be likened to a triangle. The front point of the triangle cushions forces (the intervertebral disc). The two back points of the triangle open and close (the facet joints).

Curves of the spine: lordosis and kyphosis

When you maintain low back lordosis, you have a stable triangle providing support.

It is important to maintain the inward bend, or lordosis, throughout the majority of your day. The maintenance of this lordosis is an on-going postural awareness mindset.

It is especially important when sitting, reaching or lifting. A small cushion placed at your lower back can help as long as you position your sit bones all the way back on the seat.

If you let your lower back lordosis “cave in” and bend outwards while lifting a heavy box, you could set yourself up for an injury.